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Catholic Life: Vision and Values

Our Lady’s Catholic Academy strives to provide a happy, secure and caring environment which fosters love and acknowledgement of Christ’s presence as central to personal, social and academic experiences and achievements.


Our Mission Statement is: "With God, all things are possible" (Matthew 19.26)


At Our Lady’s Catholic Academy, we encourage our children to believe that 'Anything is Possible' aiming to provide the best primary education in a stimulating environment, so that every child realises his or her potential. We instill a love of learning inspired by quality teaching, nurturing and developing individual strengths and talents. We believe every child is entitled to enjoy his or her childhood, whilst preparing pupils to become world class learners. We encourage and celebrate creativity, original thinking and imagination as well as effort and achievement. We teach the importance of moral values and showing consideration for others.


Our vision and values reflect the Gospel and British values which are at the core of everything that we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.  It is important that within the school we all live and breathe these values every day in order that they are understood by pupils, staff, all parents and the wider community.


Collective Responsibility

  • We all implement agreed policies and procedure
  • We all take personal responsibility
  • All take pride in the whole school environment / work / displays
  • High expectations in all our work (children, staff, Academy Representatives)
  • We all own everyone’s behaviour
  • We all focus on common goals
  • We will not just accept things as they are but strive to make them even better!
  • This is our issue or our success
  • We will support and not blame



  • We will share and celebrate achievements
  • Work will be done collaboratively
  • We will be aware of the bigger picture within school
  • We will show respect / Being aware of everyone’s role
  • We will be proactive
  • Stepping in at a moment’s notice to help out
  • We will all be prepared to take on short term additional responsibilities
  • Independent thinkers / Resourceful
  • Approachability



  • We will show appreciation of each other’s role
  • We will know and value every person’s contribution to school life
  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Mentor / Coaching / Supportive



  • There will be a shared, honest and open staffroom
  • Feedback will be constructive and objective
  • We will be open minded
  • We will continue our own learning and improving


Wednesday Word

The Wednesday Word is offered to all families as a weekly family time together.  

Wednesday Word Family Time presents an opportunity for even the busiest of parents to enrich relationships with their children through spending a very special 5 minutes together each week.

Every Wednesday a ‘word’, inspired by the coming Sunday’s Gospel, will be suggested for families to talk about in the home. We have structured The Wednesday Word around the Sunday Gospel, because evidence shows that Gospel values really do help family relationships to thrive.

The Wednesday Word Family Time leaflet is designed in a family friendly fashion to ensure that all family members feel included. It aims to be informative, enjoyable, and to help families maintain a special closeness throughout the school years.

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