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All Saints Catholic Collegiate

Year 4 enjoyed a day learning all about Cihna as a part of our Shang Dynasty topic. Children decided what they want to learn about China and we explored artefacts from China, learn some chinese words, experienced authentic chinese food. The best part was where Mrs Chen, one of our pupil's mum, came to talk about chinese culture with us. She shared a wealth of knowledge with us and the event was thoruoghly enjoyed by all.

Year 4 prepared for their entry to the bake off on the 26th of October with great excitement. Our entry to the competition was based around our topic. We researched Anglo Saxon Diet and found out that vegetable stew was a huge part of their diet. So we prepared and cooked Anglo Saxon vegetable stew. This is served with pancake with berries as this was one of the most common dishes that the Vikings ate hundreds of years ago. The children loved making and the devouring them later. 

Jorvik Centre and Dig


On the 9th of November Year 4 went on a trip to Jorvik to enhance their learning of the current topic, The anglo Saxons and the Vikings. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and loved every minute. It was a pleasure to watch the children outside the school environment having fun woth their friends and learning so much at the same time. 

Year 4 and 5  visited Harvington Hall in Kidderminster. We had a fantastic time while volunteers showed around the beautiful house. We learnt how people were persecuted for the religion they wanted to practice hundreds of years ago in our country. Children were amazed to discover the hiding places in the house and how people had to struggle and suffer but still didn't give up on catholicism.

Year 4 enjoyed planting seeds ready for spring in our much loved prayer garden.



Year 4 loved learning about states of matter. They enjoyed depicting the density of atoms in various materials and were fascinated to see matter change into diffrent forms through boiling water.