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All Saints Catholic Collegiate

Parent Forum

For a number of years, Our Lady's Catholic Academy have ran a parent forum which meets twice a year. 

A number of key decisions have been agreed through this forum. These include;

Nursery Uniform

Nursery children now wear a gold polo shirt instead of the shirt and tie which is worn by all other pupils

Home Learning

Parents have a clear understanding of the amount of home learning expected in each year group and when homework will be set

Uniform Costs

Due to feedback from the parent forum, the headteacher challenged the cost of school ties and they are now a few pound cheaper

Breakfast Club

Parents expressed concerns that the cost of breakfast club was too high (£3.75 per day) and it was therefore agreed, with governors, to reduce the cost to just £2 per day

Reading Policy

Parents assisted staff and governors in agreeing the reading policy

We are very grateful to our parents for giving up their time to help us.

If you are interested in joining the parent forum, please contact the school office.