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PE Funding


Our Lady's offers opportunities for all pupils to access a range of physical activities.

Sport Premium funding is used to improve the quality of teaching and learning and the breadth of PE and Sport provision throughout our school. 

We believe sport and exercise are central to children's physical and mental health, growth, development and wellbeing.

Sport builds resilience,  providing a healthy environment for young people to learn how to deal with competition.

How to cope with both winning and losing.



Our Lady’s Catholic Academy work with its PE partners, Time 4 Sport, to deliver specialist PE lessons and Healthy Lifestyle lessons.

Regular assessment will ensure improvements in the fitness levels, skills and range of motion of all children.

Afterschool sport clubs are available to all KS1 and KS2 pupils.

We have extra competition training for interschool and regional competitions.

In March, Bikeability Combined Level 1 & 2 cycle training will be available to all Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils. 

Each class has two PE reps who collect information and help promote a different break time sport each term.

This term’s sport is Kwik Cricket.



Academic Year 2021-22

 2021-22 Action Plan PE.pdfDownload
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Academic Year 2020-21

 OLCA 2020-21 Evidencing-the-Impact-of-Primary-PE-and-Sport-Premium.pdfDownload
 PE action plan 2020 2021.pdfDownload
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Academic Year 2019 - 2020

 OLCA 2019-20 Evidencing-the-Impact-of-Primary-PE-and-Sport-Premium[2305843009218701682].pdfDownload
 PE action plan 2019 20.pdfDownload
 PE Funding 2019-20[1568].pdfDownload
 School Games award 2019-20.pdfDownload
 Swimming data 2019 2020.pdfDownload
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Academic Year 2018 - 2019

 OLCA 2018 - 2019 PE Action Plan.pdfDownload
 OLCA 2018 - 2019 PE Funding.pdfDownload
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Academic Year 2017 - 2018

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 OLCA 2017 - 2018 PE Funding Plan.pdfDownload
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Academic Year 2016 - 2017

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 OLCA 2016 - 2017 PE Funding.pdfDownload
 OLCA 2016 2017 Swimming Data.pdfDownload
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