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Moving from autumn into winter!


Hello all,

As we move into winter we have new topics to look at in both Science and Topic.

In Science we are exploring light and it's properties. What sources of light are there? What makes a shadow? Is sunlight good or bad for us?

In Topic we are looking at food. Where does our food come from? How is our food made? What foods do we like and not like? How does a human's diet vary from another other animal's?

In computing we are continuing to look at coding. Year 3 made some good progress in Autumn 1 and we are looking to continue this. 

We will be looking at members of the family in French as we build on what we learned last term. 

If you have any questions about anything at all please make an appointment through the office. (Covid rules sorry!)


Mr Matthews



Homework will be set each week. The homework policy is available in Key Information.

Every other week maths homework will take the form of an Assertive Mentoring paper. This paper will always contain questions the children find difficult and at times will cover things they have not covered yet. I do take time to explain to the children that it is absolutely fine that they do not know things yet and they should not worry if that is the case. Please reinforce this message at home. We will be covering everything in time and we only learn by trying things we find difficult at first.

Homework should take no longer than 30 minutes and should consolidate learning in school, please let me know if you have any concerns or problems.


In addition to written homework the school has invested in a number of additional IT based solutions to aid with both in school and home learning. Login's and passwords for these are inside the back cover of each child's reading record.

Times Table Rock Stars

The introduction of the government's multiplication check has brought recall of times tables to the fore again. Times Table Rock Stars is a great tool for helping children practice their tables in an a very effective but fun way. 

The system is available as an app both on iOS and Android and as a website on


Accelerated Reading

While some children may continue on reading scheme books, the majority of children in KS2 choose their own books and then will complete a quiz on the book. This may take the children a while to get their heads round so please be patient with them and us. The children will start by completing an online reading test that will determine the level books they should be reading. The children can then lend books from the school library or books from home. Once they have completed the book they will take a quiz to check their understanding. The quiz typically has 5 questions and the pass rate is 90%.

Children can quiz at home or at school and an app is available. Our school log in can be found through the link below.

Swimming and PE

We do hope to be able to go swimming at some point but unfortunately the current situation in the country does not allow this. If and when we have any changes to the situation these will be communicated through the normal channels.

Swimming will take place each Monday afternoon at Fenton Manor. The children will be split into groups depending on ability and qualified swimming teachers will take the lessons. It is natural that the children feel nervous, however swimming is the only sport that can take save your child's life and is a very important life skill, so please encourage and reassure any nerves.



Swimming costume (girls)

Tight swim shorts - any length (boys)


Swim cap (girls)

Goggles, if needed, must be accompanied by a letter from parent

Please ensure children with shoulder length or longer hair, have it tied up.

If children need to be covered for religious reasons please speak to a member of staff.



This term we have PE on both Thursday and Friday so all pupils will need to come into school wearing a P.E. kit on those days. Please remember that earrings should not be worn on P.E. days.



PE top (OLCA logo)

Blue shorts



Winter - blue jog bottoms and top

Earrings need to be removed for PE