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All Saints Catholic Collegiate


Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 class!

The Year 1 class is a vibrant, busy learning environment where all children are valued and high expectations are embedded. Children will be working alongside Mrs McClure and Mrs Pepper. We will also have Mrs Rigby and Mrs Harding work with us sometimes. 

Children are expected to develop their independence by taking responsibility for; handing in homework, changing their independent reading book correctly, keeping their toast money safe, handling the change from their morning snack and also taking care of their school jumper. This will encourage and enable them to take responsibility for their own learning and the choices that they make as they move through the school and in their day to day life.

Our daily routine consists of seven lessons per day. We begin the morning with a prayer and the daily calendar so that the children are familiar with the structure of each day. Every morning the children will take part within; English, Math and Phonics, however some mornings will also include; in class assembly and music. The afternoon lessons vary in: Topic, Computing, Science, PSHE, Religious Education and Physical Education. The whole curriculum is being delivered through continious provision and the missed learning from last year's reception class is being amalgamated with the year 1 curriculum. 

It is a very busy classroom!


Reading is a skill that is acquired through lots of practise therefore we ask that children read to an adult every night for at least ten minutes.  Children are allowed to swap their independent reading book twice per week if they have read with an adult and their reading is fluent with a good understanding of the text. We ask that parents fill out the reading diary and share your comments with the staff. Reading bags also need to brought into school every-day as the children are read with most days.


Physical education

Children need a full P.E kit consisting of shorts, T-shirt and a pair of black pumps which adhere to the school uniform policy. Earrings and any other jewellery cannot be worn during the P.E lesson therefore we ask parents to remove any jewellery before arriving to school, this will also ensure that jewellery is not lost. The allocated PE slots this half term is every Tuesday. 


Home learning

Home learning is given out on a Monday and is asked to be given in the following Monday. The home learning extends what your child has been learning about during the week or they may be asked to complete a research project which will support their learning for the following week. The children enjoy sharing their new learning with you ! 

Children will be given spellings to practice every Friday. These will then be tested the following Friday to ensure that children are building up a breadth of words which they can spell.


Toast money

Toast, crumpets, teacakes, bagels, fresh juice, milk and water are available for children to purchase for their morning snack. The maximum amount of money your child will need each day is 50p, this will allow them to buy a snack and a drink. Taking responsibility for their own money is part of the year 1 expectation so we ask parents to provide a secure, labelled purse every-day to ensure the money is safe and so any change given can be returned at the end of each day. Alternatively you can provide a healthy snack for your child to eat during the morning break. To ensure we are following the healthy eating policy we deter from snacks such as crisps, chocolate and sweets. 


Thank you for your support